The feet. The mirror of the body. The gateway to your health and wellbeing.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology can treat problem areas by working on pressure points on the feet. A full reflexology treatment will aid the body's own healing mechanism and leave you feeling relaxed and calm.There is evidence that a kind of foot therapy was practised in ancient China, Egypt and in North American Tribes, although the true origin of Reflexology remains uncertain. Several books were published on foot zone therapy during the 17th and the 20th century. The underlying theory of Reflexology tells us that certain reflex points on the feet correspond to certain parts of the body. 

How does Reflexology work?

1. According to one theory, Reflexology works on the nervous system. Sir Henry Head and Sir Charles Sherrington gathered early proof that the internal organs and the skin are connected through the neurological system which is affected by stimulus. 

This connectedness causes pressure to the feet to send signals to the organs in the body to adjust the tension level, encouraging optimal functioning and blood supply as well as relaxation.

2. Another theory, based on research which suggests pain is subjective and highly influenced by feelings and thoughts, explains the pain relieving effect of reflexology as a result of a reduction in stress and an increase in mood. 

3. Yet another theory holds that the human body has energy flowing through it, which becomes congested when too much stress is present. This congestion can then lead to illness. Reflexology helps keep this energy flowing.

Finally, a reflexologist does not heal a client, rather the body repairs itself by coming into alignment with it's own ability to heal. There is nothing one needs to do during the treatment to reap the benefits of reflexology. Concentrating or focusing will not make the treatment more effective. 

Why do people have Reflexology treatments?

Reflexology is extremely relaxing and a lot of people may even find themselves dosing off.

However, reflexology can also be a very powerful and safe way of treating conditions such as digestive disorder, hormonal problems, arthritis, insomnia or stress related problems. Some people even find reflexology more effective in treating sciatica than massage. 

How does Reflexology feel?

A reflexology treatment will feel like a firm massage of the feet, with the reflexologist just using the thumb to massage. You may feel tingling or a shooting sensation from the feet up through the legs when certain points are pressed.

Areas which need more attention can feel sore or slightly painful, and will be gently worked on by the reflexologist to release the blockages.

Being ticklish will not pose a problem during the treatment as firm pressure is being used. The overall experience of a reflexology treatment is that of a pleasant one.

What can I expect during my Reflexology treatment?

Your reflexology treatment will start with your feet being cleaned with hot towels and thereafter oil or talcum powder being applied. Your feet and ankles are then gently loosened up using various relaxation techniques.

During the rest of the treatment the reflexologist will work through the map of pressure points on your feet, returning to problem areas when needed, and finishing up with breathing techniques and foot stretches.


Reflexology 45 min


Reflexology 1 hr


Blissful Soles 1 1/2 hr

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Complementary Therapies North London
An ancient and natural therapy. Soothing, relieving and relaxing.

What is Hopi Ear Candling?

Handed down through civilisations, Hopi Ear Candling can aid in the treatment of ear related problems such as excess wax and sinus problems. Hopi ear candling is believed to have been used by the ancient Greeks. However, it is thought that it was the Native Hopi Indians from North-eastern Arizona who introduced Hopi ear candling to the West. The Hopis traditionally used Hopi ear candles as part of their healing rituals, with their use being depicted in ancient wall paintings. Hopi ear candles are made of cloth shaped into a cone and covered with beeswax. 

How does Hopi Ear Candling work?

The Hopi ear candle is gentle placed into the entrance of the outer ear canal and then lit. The candles themselves do not suck wax out of the ear or cure anything by themselves. The debris seen inside a used candle is not ear wax but rather waste from the candle itself. However, Hopi ear candling helps the body to push out excess ear wax and aids the body's natural healing process. The treatment leaves a thin layer of wax in the outer ear canal, which not only softens the ear wax but also stimulates the body to produce more oils which naturally pushes out excess ear wax. This natural process is not instant but takes several days.

“Very pleasant experience, good atmosphere, very accommodating lady doing the treatment - I was delayed 30 minutes for my appointment but she was kind enough to fit me in when I eventually arrived. The ear candling included a post-treatment massage around the ear and temple which was incredibly relaxing. I would recommend this to anyone :-)

— Alex (Review on Wahanda 2015)

Why do people have Hopi Ear Candling treatments?

Many people first try Hopi ear candling as an alternative to syringing for excess wax or due to other ear related problems. However, Hopi ear candling is a very soothing and relaxing experience and is a great tool to relieve tension.

How does Hopi Ear Candling feel?

After the Hopi candle is inserted into the ear and lit you will hear a soft relaxing crackling or hissing sound, not unlike the sound of a fireplace. This sound will continue for as long as the candle is lit. Some people may also feel warmth in the ear from the candle, however the candle is never left to burn below 4 inches from the ear. After the treatment you may feel very relaxed and feel a lightness in your head. Some people also note an improvement in hearing. Occasionally a slight itching in the ear can occur, which is easily relieved by rubbing some oil one the affected area.

What can I expect during my Hopi Ear Candling treatment?

For your Hopi ear candling treatment you will be lying on your side. After the candle is gently inserted into the outer ear canal, it is lit and left to burn for approx 12 min until about 4 inches of candle is remaining. The candle is then removed and extinguished. A protective disc is placed under the candle to prevent any ashes falling onto the skin. The sound and feel of the treatment is extremely soothing and relaxing and many people dose off during the treatment. The treatment is then repeated on the other ear.

Afterwards a relaxing ear massage is given using a choice of warmed oils, which also helps to relieve any itching from the Hopi ear candling treatment.

In the days following the treatment you may find that earwax is naturally expelled from the ear. It's important not to use cotton swaps to clean the ears afterwards, as this would only push any earwax back into the ear.


Hopi Ear Candling 30 min

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The Bowen technique targets certain points on the body with gentle rolling movements to help it balance, repair and reset itself.

A Bowen treatment addresses fascia tissue as well as the muscles and skeleton. Fascia is the sheet of connective tissue that covers the structures of the body.

It is fascia that is, in part, responsible for your posture – so in Bowen we pay it a lot of attention. For example, it affects the way we hold our spine. By influencing the way the muscles and fascia work together, we work to influence the way the structure works – encouraging your spine to adopt a better, less painful, position. We find that his approach often results in a much longer-lasting effect on body alignment than some manipulative therapies.

Gently does it

A classic Bowen Treatment is very gentle. There is no vigorous ‘pulling about’. Rolling moves are made on skin, muscles and tendons and elicit a powerful effect on the body.

Pathways to the Brain

As the muscle is held, prior to the move being made, it is gently stretched, sending sensory information to the brain. There are thousands of these stretch receptors and thousands of times a second they repeatedly send this information to the brain about the status of the muscle that is being treated. The brain sends corrective information back to the individual muscles.

Bowen moves are carried out in short sequences at key structural points with a gap of a couple of minutes between each sequence. The client is left to relax in a comfortable, warm atmosphere. It is a quiet time, with little talking, except for the client to feedback to the therapist about any sensations they may be experiencing.

Scientific Research

Scientific research is ongoing – there have been several studies into our work on Frozen Shoulders, with positive results. Some research has shown that stretches of fascia produce small electrical charges and other neurological research has shown that the brain has areas of “body maps”, which contain your personal “blueprint”. It is believed that the sequences of Bowen moves stimulate the body to repair itself to the blueprint.

Also interesting is that blood tests before and after a treatment have revealed raised levels of chemical activity after the treatment and for all body systems to show a marked improvement in function. Some heart rate studies have shown rapid normalizing of fluctuating rhythms with clients commonly reporting sustained lower stress levels and a feeling of well-being.


The Bowen Method 1 hr

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Cupping in North London
Cupping is an ancient tool used in Traditional Chinese Medicine that involves placing heated glass cups on the body.

Cupping is an ancient tool used in Traditional Chinese Medicine that involves placing heated glass cups on the body. As the air inside the cup cools it creates a suction on the skin holding the glass in place. The negative pressure created within the cup changes the pressure on tissue structures such as nerves, capillaries and muscle fascia. The cups can be moved along the skin giving the effect of a massage but with an altogether different sensation! Cupping aids in increasing blood flow to the affected areas as well as promoting Qi circulation that may alleviate pain, decrease swelling, increase range of motion and speed up healing processes. It often leaves a slight bruise-like colouring on the skin that should fade in few days after treatment and is not painful. Cupping can be done as a standalone treatment or as an add-on within a massage.

Cupping massage is also a great treatment for cellulite, EMS stimulation and a firming mask is added at the end of the massage- a course of 6 is recommended, once a week for optimal results.


Cupping Therapy 1/2 hr Detox


Cellulite Treatment 1 hr

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Kinesiology in North London
Kinesiology is a complementary health energy therapy for stress. It uses muscle testing, acupressure, essential oils, flower remedies and positive psychological affirmations.

What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a complementary health energy therapy for stress. It uses muscle testing, acupressure, essential oils, flower remedies and positive psychological affirmations. Allergy testing will often be done during the session or as a separate session. It connects with the inner body intelligence that is held in the heart, mind and higher self. 

How does kinesiology work? 

Each muscle has a connection with an organ, gland or function and acupressure points as well as an emotion group and chakra. Stresses in the body system are 'read' by the kinesiologist and balanced with acupressure, essential oils and flower remedies, nutrional supplements and psychological statments.

Why do people have kinesiology treatments?

It is used for stress and allergy testing and treatment.  Relationship breakdown, work and exam pressure, detoxing, concentration and focus, digestive problems, hormone balancing, skin conditions, electro-magnetic pollution and healing emotional pain from their life experience. It connects a person with their clear soul path and akashik record for their highest good.  

How does kinesiology feel?  

It is relaxing and clients feel clearer about their life, less brain fog, and energised. In some cases an evening of rest is needed afterwards to allow the body to incorporate change from the healing.

What can I expect during my treatment?  

Kinesiology is done fully clothed lying on a treatment couch. The main systems of liver, digestion, kidneys and adrenals are checked as to their currrent status and then the kinesiologist carries out balances on the priorities that needs support - using acupressure,  a specific muscle tested thought; essential oil. Often there is also a flower vibration remedy, or nutritional supplement to get and take for a few weeks to support the kinesiology energy work.


Kinesiology (First Session) 75 min


Kinesiology 60 min

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Acupuncture in Finchley North London
Gentle needling, warming moxibustion and a safe, comfortable enviornment elicit openness and receptivity to treatment. When our body is relaxed and safe – we can heal.
Fiona Hurlock Acupuncture in North London

Classical Japanese acupuncture shares the same philosphy and history as Traditional Chinese Acupuncture but often differs in application and technique. We believe that the body’s most responsive “ki” lies on, or just beneath the skin surface so deep or strong stimulation is mostly unnecessary. People tend to be more receptive to treatment when they feel relaxed, comfortable and safe so we endeavour to provide the conditions for this to occur.

Treatments typically last one hour although your initial appointment will take about 15 mins longer as we need time to discuss your medical history and your reasons for seeking treatment.

Payment at Utopia is by cash, cheque or bank transfer only.


Acupuncture Initial Treatment and Consultation 75 mins


Subsequent Acupuncture Treatments 60 mins


Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture 60 mins

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Reiki in North London
Reiki energy is gentle to receive, yet a powerful form of healing.

Reiki is a hands on treatment that provides an opportunity for you to totally relax and rebalance, in a safe and caring environment. Reiki helps the body to reach an inner state of harmony on all levels, physically, mentally and spiritually. As well as helping many physical ailments, it can also promote the changing of any negative mental habits, turning these into more positive and productive thought patterns.

Reiki energy is gentle to receive, yet a powerful form of healing. As running water smoothes the jagged edges of a rock until it is small enough to roll away, Reiki flows to the areas of need, soothing pain and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Overall, Reiki induces a feeling of total calm and relaxation. From this perspective, thoughts can become more positive and health can improve beyond measure. Reiki is not linked to any religion or culture.


Reiki 45 min

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Pregnancy massage in North London
Regular massage during pregnancy has been shown to reduce back pain, improve quality of sleep, reduce swelling in the limbs, improve circulation, improve mood and reduce anxiety.

Pregnancy is a very special time in every woman’s life, and body goes through many physical, physiological and emotional changes. For many it’s a happy time, for some changes in the body and changed posture can cause back pain and other aches.

Regular massage during pregnancy has been shown to reduce back pain, improve quality of sleep, reduce swelling in the limbs, improve circulation, improve mood and reduce anxiety. Studies conducted reveal that women who regularly had massage in the last trimester had significantly shorter labour and fewer complications.

Pregnancy massage can be done on a regular massage table or on the floor mat, with support cushions to keep you safe and comfortable. Our practitioners are qualified to treat pregnant ladies throughout the whole pregnancy and your every session will be designed special for you following initial consultation. Some conditions like Pelvic Girdle Pain, or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction require careful consideration and positioning.

Posture advice and exercise may be given after your massage. It’s more than just a relaxing experience. Massage, acupressure and gentle joint mobilisation can really help ease those aches and pains, but also find the time to connect with your body and the new life growing inside you!


Pregnancy massage 1 hour


Pregnancy massage 1 hour 15 min


Pregnancy massage 1 hour 30 min

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