Ashiatsu in North London
Ashiatsu is a type of deep tissue massage performed using the therapist’s feet.

Different forms of bare footed massage are performed all over the world and have been practised for thousands of years. “Ashi” means foot and “atsu” means pressure in Japanese. Ashiatsu has its origins in India where bare footed technique is called Chavutti Thirummal. In USA Ashiatsu has become very popular thanks to R. Hardee, who westernised this treatment and adopted it for use on a traditional massage table and with the help of overhead bars. 

The Ashiatsu BareSole Massage uses deep compression effleurage strokes applied with the therapist’s feet, utilising gravity's force in gliding motions. It provides deep relaxation while stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems of the body.

This massage is very popular with people who enjoy deep tissue massage as well as athletes and individuals with thick musculature.Treatment helps relieve muscle pain, increases range of motion and flexibility and creates a state of well-being. Deep compression feels good, not painful and has many benefits:

  • Muscles are elongated and broadened at the same time

  • The treatment elongates the spine and improves posture

  • Deep pressure can be applied over a bigger surface and maintained for longer

  • Increased blood circulation

  • Brings on deep relaxation!

What to expect with Ashiatsu BareSole Massage

When having BareSole Massage, it is recommended to remove clothing and garments and leave underwear only. Proper draping to ensure your privacy is guaranteed, and will be utilised at all times during your session. The therapist will only uncover the areas she is working on.

In the massage room, you will see two long ropes running parallel above the floor mattress. These are used by the therapist to maintain control of balance and pressure during your session. The pressure can be easily adjusted for your comfort and benefit.


Ashiatsu 1 hour


Ashiatsu 1 hour 15  mins


Ashiatsu 1 hour 30 mins


Ashiatsu 2 hours

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